Square Standing Fire Pit

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These custom fire pits are a perfect addition to warm any patio, backyard, or campsite. 

Place an order here and we will work with you to create any unique design you would like with the ability to personalize it or even add a logo! 

Fire pits by North Ridge Creations are built with durability and longevity in mind. We use 10 gauge steel, making it heavier than your typical store-bought fire pit, ensuring it will last several lifetimes without the bottom rotting out or the sides warping from the heat. 

Currently, these fire pits are only available for local pickup or delivery as a completed piece. However, we do offer them as "Weld Yourself" kits that we can ship in a flat package for you to weld together on your own! These kits will include tabs for easy fitment and are a great weekend project for you to enjoy, or even use it as a lesson to teach somebody to weld!